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Belinda Emmons

A successful professional Wildlife Photographer born and raised in Monroe, New Hampshire. Her enjoyment for photography started in 2012 while on a trip to Tuscany, Italy. Inspired by its beauty she decided to concentrate on capturing on film other extraordinary landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitat. This inspiration has since blossomed into a deep passion and has launched her career forward garnering great interest for her artful photography.


Now residing in Barnet, Vermont she has the distinct advantage of being immersed in the incredible natural surroundings of New England where she continues her passion for the great outdoors. With her well trained artful eye and commitment to her photography, Belinda has the ability to utilize this advantage in a unique way. In order to get up close and personal with wildlife she ventures out on foot and in a canoe to create amazing photo opportunities in remote natural settings. In doing so she has gained widespread popularity and demand for the images she captures.

From this passionate photographic journey Rabbit Run Photography was born. It has quickly grown into an increasingly successful business based on outstanding photos with the enlightening stories that go with them. These stories are part of her presentations at various venues where she was invited to speak about her photographic adventures including Catamount Arts, McIndoe Historical Society, University of New Hampshire and the University of Vermont art department. Her photographs have appeared on the front page of the Caledonian Record and featured in The Kingdom Guide magazine as well as local newspapers.

Belinda is delighted and proud to be able to share her photography with you and hopes you will enjoy them in the same spirit of art and adventure in which they were created.

Home Gallery

Step into the world of photography and explore Belinda's stunning Photo Gallery. Her home gallery is where she exhibit her finest pieces of work and where every photo comes to life. Visit today and immerse yourself in her captivating images.
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